Gum Disease

Your mouth may get you in trouble!

Oral bacteria causing infections in gum tissue may threaten more than your teeth and gumdiseasegums. Research has established associations between oral bacteria and systemic diseases including:

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Respiratory Disease
  • Blood Clots
  • Strokes
  • Preterm and Low Birth Weight Babies
  • Chronic Inflammation

The theories linking oral bacteria to other diseases pinpoint the mouth as a portal for bacteria to spread to the rest of your body. If you have been diagnosed with gum disease for example, pathogenic bacteria are likely forming colonies that cause localized inflammation and damage in your gum tissue. Those bacteria may enter the blood stream through small ulcers in your gum tissue.



The growth of bacteria in periodontal pockets occurs in three stages. After the first stage of attachment, the bacteria form a colony with a filmy or slimy protective covering. The most advanced stage of bacterial growth involves clumps of bacteria detaching from the colony to form new infections.

Left unchecked, bacteria growing in periodontal pockets can lead to the destruction of teeth and eventually the bone supporting the teeth. Once bacteria enter your blood stream, it’s no longer about your mouth anymore; it’s about your overall health!

What is Perio Protect?

Perio Protect is a comprehensive, customized treatment to help manage bacteria growing perioprotectlogoin the spaces or pockets between teeth and gum tissue. The overall goal of the Perio Protect treatment is to manage oral bacteria with minimally invasive dentistry for lasting oral health.

Perio Protect combines a non-invasive chemical therapy with root planing and scaling to remove bacteria. The chemical therapy relies on the tray delivery of dentist-prescribed solutions to chemically remove bacteria from the periodontal pocket and alter the pocket’s microbiological environment to disrupt bacterial growth.

For most people following the Perio Protect gum treatment, the placement of prescribed solutions into a periodontal pocket via a customized prescription tray requires only minutes each day. Patients describe the tray delivery as comfortable and appreciate its non-invasive technology.

To find out more about Perio Protect and how it can help you control your gum disease condition, please contact our office.